AGP Industries

AGP Industries has electric motor for every conceivable application like machinery, Blowers, fans, Compressors, textiles machinery, cranes, material handling machines, aquiculture, agriculture, cooling towers and Civil Machinery’s. The Product range in capacity and variety are Standard Motors, Brake Motors, Cooling Tower Motors, Dual Speed Motors, Vibrating Motors and other Special Motors as per Customers Specification. The wide Industrial Range is from 0.12Kw to 15Kw in frames 63 to 160. Voltage Range is 240V for Single Phase and 415V for three Phase. Class ‘F’ Insulation being Standard for all Motors and Class ‘H’ can be given on Request.





You can count on AGP Motors for solutions and support through the close alliances we’ve established with the manufacturers we represent. Because we know your business can’t afford down time, we’re committed to processing your order quickly.

Our staff is dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. If you have a question or a specific motor request,
contact us today.

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